The Morning After

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Material from the social club, The Prompt. Organized for Performa 09, The Prompt hosted a series of performances, films, rules, sculptures, soundtracks, and reflexive actions over five nights. Menus, behavioral cues, objects of conversation, backdrops, costumes, and documentation will be on view. Remnants will be featured from the following artists: Rita Ackermann, Mark Dion, Rashid Johnson, Joseph Grigely, Paul Etienne Lincoln, Haley Mellin, Ian Monk of OULIPO, Lucy Raven, Aki Sasamoto, Dana Sherwood, Dexter Sinister, Mindy Vale & Danny McDonald, Falke Pisano, R.H. Quaytman, Marianne Vitale & Pete Drungle, and Robert Wilson.

Organized by Kunstverein NY.

Reception in conjunction with Afternoon Tea:
Saturday, January 9, 2010