Dependent Art Fair 2011

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Alexander Dawson, Alfred Seiner, Andrea Huelse, Bruce High Quality Foundation, Brian Kokoska, David Schafer, Davida Nemeroff & Samara Golden, Dawn Blackman, Georg Krummenacher, Haley Mellin, Jesse Petereson, Johannes Hueppi, Kerry Hassler, Lauren Christiansen, Liz Linden, Mikaela Bradbury & Patrick Meagher, Oliver Lanz, Patrick Meagher, Rachel Garrard, Yunhee Min, Zain Burgess

Coinciding with the 2011 New York Armory and Independent art fairs, The Dependent art fair was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan for one evening. The Dependent served as a platform for curators, artists and dealers to exhibit in an art fair for the cost of a hotel room.

Silvershed exhibited alongside numerous other groups, including Audio Visual Arts, CANADA, Cleopatra’s, Dispatch, Empty Room, Evil Freaks, KS Art, New York Fine Arts, Paradise, Ramiken Crucible, Recess, Reference, Soloway, Specific Object, and 2-UP. The Dependent Art Fair is organized by Rose Marcus.

The Dependent Art Fair
The Sheraton Hotel
160 W. 25 St.
New York

Friday, March 4, 2011

119 W. 25 St.