Louis V E.S.P. TV Screening

E.S.P. TV screened highlights and outtakes from Episodes 1-4 and a sneak preview of Episode #5.
Performances by: Kunsole, Innergaze, Mazing Vids, Ganjatronics, Dana Bell, Rachel Mason, Forma, Ana Lola Roman w/ Matthew Caron.
and videos by: Shana Moulton, Aaron Nemec, Jason Underhill, Erica Magrey, Colby Bird, Sophia Peer, Jonathan Phelps, Derek Larson, Andre Perkowski, and many more.

Also featuring the hosts of E.S.P. TV 1-2, Bradford Nordeen as “Mary Boom” w/ Hayley Blatte as “Coco” and E.S.P. TV 3-5 host, Sam Mickens.

E.S.P. TV is a Manhattan cable access TV series, produced by Louis V E.S.P., that mixes local bands, performance and video artists with a rotating line up of illustrious hosts. The show is taped to VHS “in front of a live studio audience” with live video mixing and primitive effects processing. Episodes air monthly on Manhattan Neighborhood Network and through public viewing parties.