Triple Canopy Issue 13 Release Party

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A celebration marking the publication of new work by Yelena Akhtiorskaya, Claire Barliant, Bidisha Banerjee, David Levine, Anna Lundh, Alyssa Phoebus & Murad Khan, James Thomas & Meghan O’Hara, Matt Wolf, and Ilana Halperin, Karen Holmberg & Andrew Patrizio.

Triple Canopy issue 13: “Bad Actors”

David Levine recalls the legal battle over Mark Rothko’s estate and its effects on his family via a close reading of unclassic rom-com-crime “Legal Eagles.”
MERCE (Shelley Burgon & Maria Chavez) tells ghost stories and roasts s’mores made of nothing but champagne.
Rowan (Shelley Burgon) gets mystified.
C. Spencer Yeh takes you to Century 21 and back—-through sound.
DJ Rehash cycles through lost North American electro anthems, disclosing debts owed by the EU’s profligate, indulgent techno capitals.