Brody Condon: Hogg

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Stare Case performed selections to Samuel Delany’s Hogg, as read by Ray Radke.

Hogg is a novel by the author Samuel R. Delany, who has described himself as “the only black, queer, and dyslexic science fiction writer alive”. Hogg was written in San Francisco in 1969 and completed just days before the Stonewall Riots in New York City. At the time it was written, no one would publish it due to its graphic and copious descriptions of murder, homosexuality, child molestation, incest, coprophilia, coprophagia, urolagnia, anal-oral contact, necrophilia and rape. In other words, you will like it.
Stare Case is a new project by John Olson and Nate Young of Wolf Eyes, doing something a little bit more stripped down and less noisy than their main band. It’s still “noise”, but it’s definitely not as chaotic or harsh as Wolf Eyes. No fistpumping. Plenty of sneered raspy vocals, still some attitude, but lots of measured repetition, some drawn-out reverbed guitar licks, a little bit of piercing feedback, and occasionally some maracas providing a snaky rhythm. -Paul Simpson
Organized by Brody Condon and Brandon Stosuy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011