Dependent Art Fair 2012

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For the purposes of this fair, Silvershed is abstaining from showing art objects to present a suite of ongoing collaboratively written texts, exploring new ‘motions’ or mini-movements that have been in development over the past decade. The following text and posters are in draft form, and will be edited with added comments in the next Silvershed publication.

“If increasingly dispersed technologies allow us to challenge static and essentialist  notions of subjectivity, points of reference, of agency, might prove the most fruitful ground for its reconstruction. In the networked environment that embraces formlessness and flux, narrative becomes a tool for identity, regenerating the very system it works to reveal.”

–excerpt from Narrative text

The following texts reflect a global multi-perspectivality, and are collectively written by Silvershed with friends in New York, London, and Los Angeles through online collaboration of fellow artists, writers, and curators:

Pro-Fem                                      Know Wave (Art)                      Narrative   
Sissel Kardel                               Michelle Heinz                          Harry Burke
Nicolas Linnert                           Patrick Meagher                        Edward Fornieles
Patrick Meagher                         Yunhee Min                               Holly Harriet
Gene McHugh
Ben Vickers

Dependent Art Fair 2012

March 10, 2012
12 – 8pm
The Comfort Inn
136 Ludlow Street
New York